Does It Hurt to Ask?


For as long as I can remember, I have had a hard time asking for money. My mother said that even when I was little, she would offer to buy me something and I would say, “Oh no, that costs too much.” As a fiscal conservative, I will probably bring some of this same frugality to my work on the State Board of Education. I’ve been bothered by how much money the current board wastes, what with unwise investment decisions and millions spent on initiatives like abstinence only, which was long ago proven ineffective.

I started looking more at this connection between money and the board when I saw some campaign advertising sent to me by a supporter who also receives literature from my opponent. Then the next day, an article appeared in the San Antonio Express about my opponent’s campaign. It occurred to me that some pretty big bucks were going into this media blitz. I have received a number of donations from individuals in Texas and around the country, but when it comes to my opponent, he takes in figures like $35,000 from one source for his 2006 campaign. One has to wonder why anyone would be that generous to a candidate for State Board of Education.

I’ve figured out that I need to start asking for money more aggressively. When I do this, I will think of my mother and how I used hear her on the phone asking PTA parents to donate their time, money, and chocolate chip cookies for fundraisers. I’ll remember how she hounded parents to pay their dues for the 4-H club she headed for so many years. I will think of how proud she would be now, if she could see me asking for thousands of dollars to support the education of our young people in Texas. And I will ask for money, even if it hurts.



2 Responses to “Does It Hurt to Ask?”

  1. Julia New Says:

    No, it doesn’t, but I know just how you feel! My apologies for not returning your call, but I’ve been out and when I tried calling the number, I got a dial tone…..I spent some time reading your info. and the web and I am impressed! Good for you for being willing to run. Thank you! I will get a check off to you after payday on the 30th. I’m also happy to spread the word and post signs when you have them.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    My best, Julia New

  2. bybelknap, FCD Says:

    Hello, I just saw your post at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, and have contributed $25 to your campaign. I know it’s not much, and I wish it could be more. I know both Texas and California are important players in textbook selection, and if the anti-science, anti-reality crowd on the Texas BOE have their way it will effect us in Pennsylvania too.
    Thank you for running to right the wrongs the TBOE are perpetrating on the rest of the country.
    Bryant Belknap
    Clarks Summit, PA

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